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Blockchain Green


Demonstrate the sustainability of your products and communicate your company’s environmental commitment to stakeholders.

Green Blockchain Ecosystem


We build traceability & certification solutions with Blockchain ⚡

Green Network brings blockchain technology as a safe and transparent digital ledger of your production process. With Green Network ecological commitment becomes measurable Adherence to eco-sustainable principles becomes a value that is concretized in Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens that, by their nature, transmits measurable and verifiable data.

Why your company needs

Green Certification

Strengthen the bond with the customer and stakeholders, both in economic and value terms

Become increasingly attractive to investors, who value the high sustainability rate as one of the most important factors for choosing

Sell online in green marketplaces that impose sustainability tests on aspiring sellers/ manufacturers

Our Blockchain Solutions

Thanks to the transversality of blockchain technology, its applications affect the entire production chain

Decentralized applications

Decentralized applications

Green Network is a ecosystem with Dapps that allow traceability through distributed technologies for environmental or climate purposes

B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions

We provide blockchain solutions for real-world companies that want to bring transparency to their production processes through Smart Contracts.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Traceability solutions in consumer contributions against climate causes or reforestation, tracing the end of the funds

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